You write. We help you turn your craft into a business.

Writing is hard. Trying to do five things at once is impossible.


Trying to do too many things at once leads to a loss of focus, misplaced priorities, and to feeling like you’re not doing anything well enough to succeed. The time you have left to spend on your writing shrinks with each passing day while your deadlines approach as quickly as the coming holiday season.

But wait? I have to do five things at once, right? Don’t I need a website? And an email list? What about my reader community, my author platform, whatever the heck that is. How am I going to find the time to figure out how to set all of that up, to make it all work together?

That’s where Camven Media can help. We create time for you. The time you need to focus on your craft while we help you turn that craft into a business.


The Camven team has a combined 60 years of experience in the world of online technology and Stephen’s time spent working with authors through The Author Biz, CrimeFiction.FM and The Taylor Stevens Show have allowed him to identify best practices for author websites, email lists, and platform building.

Yes, there are at least five things that need to be done if you’re going to succeed with your author business, but that doesn’t mean you need to do them all.  

  1. Write great books.
  2. Have an attractive, welcoming, SEO optimized author website as your home base on the Internet.
  3. Have an active, growing and engaged email list for communicating directly with your community of readers.
  4. Have a consistent and quickly recognized brand that’s uniquely yours for every element of your author platform.
  5. Some form of outreach to connect with more readers so they learn about you and your books and visit your website to join that all important email list.

Let us give you back the time to write your great books by helping out with the rest.

Adding Camven Media to your team saves time and frees you up to focus on writing your bestseller!

Let our team join your team

Adding Camven Media to your team saves time and frees you to do the work you’re best at, by building an online home for your author business. We work with you to create a website that puts you and your books in the best possible light and help to transfer that branding everywhere you connect with your readers.

  1. We’ll build the website for you on the WordPress platform. (From $695)
  2. We’ll coach you through the process of building your own website – Providing guidance and best practices as you develop or update your site and answering your questions along the way. (From $179.)

If you already have an author website that you love, but just need a little help with your email marketing, we can help you there as well. We can set things up from scratch or create email opt-in forms,newsletter templates, and a slick onboarding process to create engagement between you and your readers. (From $149)

What else is eating up your time?


Need help with marketing images? Covers? How about formatting your ebooks. We can help with all of that and more.  How can we add some time to your busy author life?

Here’s what Julie and Stephen at Camven Media did for me: updated my website to the newest specs giving it a look and feel I love. This update resulted in an immediate 73% increase in traffic to the site, which led to a five-month increase in site visitors of 237%. The sign-ups for my email newsletter have increased from 1100 to 4500 in five months using tools on the website suggested by Steve and Julie. They are in-the-know, helpful, professional and will give you the website you want and need at a price you can afford. I recommend them highly!

Deborah Coonts, bestselling novelist

After I sold my novel, it was time to build my platform. I wanted a website that creatively reflected both my personality and my soon-to-be-published novel. A fellow writer referred me to Camven Media. I had an introductory call with Steve and decided to go with his company. It was the right choice! Steve and his wife, Julie, are professional, talented and enthusiastic. They helped me decide on a vision for my website and then implement it. Throughout the process, they were wonderfully responsive to emails and phone calls, and they kept working at all of my questions and requests until they knew I was satisfied with the result. Their creativity and talent really pushed my website into something I can be proud of. I’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews for my site. Steve and Julie, thank you! 

Barbara Nickless, author of Blood on the Tracks


Do you need more time? Or maybe you just have some questions about your existing author platform. Let’s talk! Email usSteve at – Let’s discuss where you are now with your author business and come up with some strategies for making you a more effective Author CEO.